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Flying Toasters live in many places including my laptop. Their characteristic song is often heard of a quiet evening down by the Tandoori Palace. It goes something like:

 Flying out of the sun 
The smell of toast is in the air
When there's a job to be done
The flying toasters will be there
And it's flap! flap! flap!
Now help is on the way
This victory song we sing
We pop up to save the day
On mighty toaster wings!

 In brightest day or After Dark
When times of trouble are at hand
The flying toasters set a spark
And hope is blazing 'cross the land
And it's flap! flap! flap!
Salvation from above
A precious gift we bring
Gleaming angels of love
On mighty toaster wings!

There's a baby version too - the rhymes are even more strained, if that's possible, and the flying things include bottles, silver stars, smily moons and teddy bears in sandwiches (!). The chorus goes:

 Goo gah goo gah gah
No words could better say
The love we can't forget
Soaring 'cross the Milky Way
The baby toasterettes

This is probably (c) someone, but I don't know who and I'm not sure they want to identify themselves. The actual music and the little karaoke bagel/doughnut thing has to be heard/seen to be believed..

(Probably 'After Dark', the company that made the original, to my knowledge, screensaver.  On the other hand its always possible they got it from somewhere else - Kazuhiko)

Well, yes. I actually have the flying toasters from After Dark, along with a host of other screensavers - the hula girls, the aquarium and so on. But I didn't think of that.. - SunKitten

My dad has a tie with flying toasters on it. Based off the After Dark screensaver, so far as I know. - TheInquisitor

Edited "We pop up..." line. The lyrics are (c) 1996 Berkeley Systems. I'm told the music is the Mighy Mouse theme song, but I don't know Mighty Mouse so I can't vouch for that. -- cauldron

CategoryMusic (regrettably)

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