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In no way known as TomGarnett, or tmg27, and didn't pick up the name Inquisitor (and TheInquisitor) in an AssassinsGuild game.

Denies very much liking PhoenixFeathers, or coming to the occasional WednesdayAnime.

Used to treasure for CUJA - also on Wednesdays.
Kazuhiko imagines TheInquisitor wandering around with a shovel over his shoulder trying to hunt down the Golden Juggling Balls or the Magical Juggling Clubs +3.
Not at all - I got them by mail order. -- TheInquisitor

Denies having been sucked into this entire MagicTheGathering thing, or having Inquisitor/MtGTrades.

Absolutely didn't run [this game].

Certainly doesn't regularly make it to GamesEvening.

Really isn't a CompSci, but has programming tendencies, and has built PCs from components before.

Definitely not a mathematician. Nor a MathMo. Nor the posessor of a BA and a CASM.

Not a member of the RinFanClub.

Definitly not A.k.a. Blue, Nihilist, Fate, Pseudodragon, Iosif, Sebastian. In various contexts.
Fate? -- Lachesis?
First coined while playing in a LaserQuest? tournament, while umpiring assassins. Occasionally used later in said game as my pseudonym (what hubris, etc etc...). Occasionally used since, primarily in the context of bad puns made towards #assassins people. -- TI

Doesn't have a LiveJournal, [here].

Doesn't actually have a /Future? yet, but is working on it.

Isn't experimenting with a /LatexGenerator.

Is in no way advising people to update their address book to 'garnett (at) cantab.net', since his hermes account is due to expire.

Alternatively, TI might not mean TexasInstruments?


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