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SpoilerWarning for the entire series

Right. Names, abilities, original identities and creator, followed by who sealed them : roles

Lust, extendable fingernails, originally Scar's brother's lover, created by Scar's brother, sealed by Wrath using a locket with her hair in it. : incited people to find the stone.
Gluttony, can eat anything, original unknown, creator unknown, maybe Dante?, fate unknown (he might be dead, he might not... Dante removed what character he had anyway): Lust's sidekick.
Envy, shape-shifter, son of Hohenheim and Dante, created by Hohenheim of Light (Ed & Al's dad), unsealed at the end of the series (he went through the Gate after Hohenheim with the intention of killing him) : His role is central to Dante's plot - he pretty much does what will make the situation better for her, whatever that may be. He has impersonated Mustang, Winry, and Conero, the priest, in Lior, among others.
Greed, can make of his skin an impenetrable shield, original unknown, created by Dante, killed by Ed when in a place near his original and within a seal. Ed stabbed him after converting his shield from diamond (I think) to, um, something else. : Rebelled against Dante and was contained by her for several 100 years.  Had a following of chimera.
Wrath, can use alchemy (due to possessing Ed's arm and leg), Sensei's baby, created by Sensei, unsealed at end of series (Ed's arm and leg were removed violently and later replaced by automail. Then Wrath wandered off into the world on his own. Pity the world) : recent, so hasn't done much - still obedient to Dante but very much a child. Also hates Ed and Al - SunKitten
Sloth, can turn into animated water, originally Ed and Al's mother, created by Ed and Al, sealed by Ed and Wrath (the clot had absorbed a bit of the brothers' mother into himself. Then he merged with Sloth within a seal. Honestly). : Fuhrer's secretary.
Pride, can age like a human, original unknown, deliberately created by Dante, sealed by Colonel Mustang : Fuhrer.


Which one was created by that wandering doctor? --Pallando
Which wandering doctor? - SunKitten
The Nationally Certified Alchemist who was repentant for doing evil things in Ishbal, who eventually got killed by Scar --AC
Marcus? He didn't create one, did he? What do you remember? - SunKitten

The wandering doctor whose wife got killed by a plague spread by a homunculus, and who got driven to research the philosopher's stone - didn't he try raising his wife? --Pallando
Eh? Marcus didn't have a wife that I remember, and the last I remember is him being taken back to the Fifth Lab, although I have a vague memory of Scar killing him. Lust talked to a guy about four or five episodes ago whose village was subject to a plague that turned people to stone. Did he have a wife? I don't remember. Lust gave him red stones, I *think*, which helped, but he and the girl who loved him both died of the plague anyway. He didn't try human alchemy (of the resurrection kind, that is) - SunKitten
The different elements in Pallando's description don't match up, to me. The only plague spread by homunculi that I recall was when Envy in the guise of an old man rode around on a cart spreading plague that turned people to stone; this was in coordination with Lust who was trying to encourage an alchemist doctor in that town to make the Stone. But I think they failed, and I don't think he attempted (resurrection) human alchemy. There are other doctors we've seen, notably Dr Marcus who gave Ed & Al advice, and Winry's parents (the Rockbells), who were killed by Mustang. (And who was it who went round healing people who were being made sick by the red water that Dante was using?) Was it any of them you were thinking of, or someone different again? --AC
You put it better than me :) We are in agreement, I think - SunKitten

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