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Also known as DouglasReay

Many years ago (back in the 1980s), I used to play a lot of MUDs.  The first wizard I ever earned was on a mud called Ephemeral Dales, and its name was "Pallando", from the Ithron Luin (blue wizard) in Tolkien.  I've used it pretty consistently since then as my online nick.  It did get warped slightly in the early 90s to "Pallandozi" after I was granted that honorific by an IRC channel I frequented.

[My SubPages]

In no particular order, my interests include: Anime, B5, Boardgames, Cats, Computers, Diablo, Mead, Pedagogantry, Philosophy, Physics, Python, Roleplaying, Sailing, Scuba, SF, TVRs
One might argue that that was in alphabetical order.

I am partially irresponsible for ElementalOblivion and the ParrotHelpDesk

I am responsible for such philosophical atrocities as ReaysLemma

I am responsible for such scientific atrocities as InterGalacticTravel (and want the T-shirt for it!)

I frequent WednesdayAnime and GamesEvening

I am a [magic the gathering card]

I am running a [OneOff] role playing game tonight (Tue 23rd Nov) set in Japan, based upon [Usagi Yojimbo],
who in turn was based upon [Miyamoto Musashi].

Message to Pallando: there is interest in WorldCon?. Were you going to send something formal I can pass on? Please email me for details. - MoonShadow
Yes, I have passed your email on to the relevant WorldCon? comittee person, Cheryl Morgan (cheryl (at) cheryl-morgan.com), who should be sending you something formal to pass on.  Glad to hear there's interest! --Pallando

I presume that random comments on that page would confuse things, but is this based on the song from Labyrinth??  'Cos, if so, you've got the phrasing slightly off. --M-A
Mutters about people who see minor edits.  No, it is not from Labyrinth, excellent movie though that was. It is somewhat older. My mother was telling it to me when I was a tot, and goodness knows where she got it from.
Oh, right.  Well, a play around on Google suggests that Labyrinth got it from the older version, and it's still missing a step:  "You remind me of a man." "What man?" "The man with the power." "What power?" "The power of Voodoo." "Who do?" "You do." "Do what?" "Remind me of a man." --M-A
Ah, thanks.  As I'm no longer using that text, please feel free to move it to M-A/LabyrinthBNF?  :-)


Messages for Pallando may be left in /PrivateMessages

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