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As people arrive at a GamesEvening, if they are not already in a clan from a previous evening, they are randomly assigned to one of the least represented clans.

The three clans are:
 * Vampires
* Werewolves
* Mystics

Each person is in precisely one clan.

How clans convert members from other clans into their own:


At the start of a game, a mystics taking part in the game can write down a secret prediction about a single player of which which position that player will end the game in.  (If the game only has winner vs non-winners, then only predictions of winner count.  If the game is cooperative without ranking, no prediction may be made.)

If, at the end of the game, the prediction turns out to be correct, then the player the prediction was made about becomes a mystic.  (Note: mystics are allowed to make predictions about themselves, or other mystics, just as they can about vampire players and werewolf players).

If there is more than one mystic playing, they each get to make a prediction and, if more than one prediction turns out correct, then (assuming they were about different players) more than one conversion can happen.


If a vampire wins a game, then the next highest player who isn't a vampire becomes a vampire.  If there is a tie or the non-winners are unranked, then the winning vampire may choose who to sire.  If the players are ranked, and the top two players are both vampires, then players 3 and 4 both become vampire.  If the top three players are all vampires, then everyone in the game become a vampire.


At the end of the game all the werewolves point until they agree on a single choice of convert.  The convert must have finished in a lower position than at least one werewolf.

The order the conversions happen in is: Werewolves, then Vampires, then Mystics
(So a mystic who makes a successful prediction about themselves might be converted temporarily to werewolf or vampire, then re-converted back to mystic by their own precognition.)

That sounds a lot harder for the mystics than everyone else. --Rachael


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