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A regular gathering of people to play BoardGames (and CardGames).  Hosted in Cambridge by AlexChurchill, whom you should contact for details.  He sends out a regular email every week, usually on the Monday morning; email him to get added to the mailing list.

It's been running for over twenty years now, and is showing no sign of stopping...  although it moved /Online for a couple of years during the pandemic.

GamesEvening is every Monday from 8pm-midnight, at Alex and Rachael's house.  Please feel welcome to drop in for any period of that time. 

Bringing games is also encouraged, although it's not like we're short of them...

Games played include:

Regular attendees may be interested in [a /. discussion] on an article about new board games.

Following a discussion after Alex mentioned something done at a Magic tournament: /MetaGame

Other GamesEvenings

King DJ has recently discovered a very similar set up running out of Girton on Sunday nights but he doubts they could ever hope to have as many games as the real thing.

In the UniversityCentre? (the GradPad?) on the first Saturday of every month, people gather from 10am-10pm (with individuals coming and going during that time) to play games.

See also other Events.

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