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The rules of a game.

How are you intending this to be different to CategoryGames? DouglasReay/NamelessGame, for example, seems to be a game, in the same way that CastlesInTheAir and MoonShadow/Hawaii are games; what suggests one should be in CategoryGame rather than CategoryGames? --AC
"CategoryGameRules?" would possibly be a clearer name for the category.  I do think there is a distinction to be made between a page that just discusses something like SettlersOfCatan and your CastlesInTheAir page (which I think counts as CategoryGame in addition to being CategoryGames)--DR
CategoryGameRules? sounds fine. CategoryGame sounds extremely confusing to coexist with CategoryGames but mean something different. Feel free to create CategoryGameRules? and add/move a few pages from CategoryGames to CategoryGameRules? if you want. --AC

MaintainMe: merge with CategoryGames. Possibly add CategoryGameRules? or some such (and add suitable existing wiki pages to that if so).

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