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A collection of groups with no eyes, each group having two (or more) false eyes with other members of the group.



It's not like the following, because the eyes in it are not false eyes.  I'm not sure exactly why not - I think the definition of false eyes has something about nonlocality in it, but I'm finding it hard to think of a definition I'm happy with.
As far as I can tell the only difference between the above and the below is that you have embedded one "collection of groups joined by two or more false eyes" within another... --Kazuhiko


So the definition of a false eye is one that is formed through unconnected groups?  I've always thought of a false eye as one that can be attacked but I guess the difference is only important in cases such as this. --Kazuhiko

PeterTaylor is also slightly confused. In the second example, the black stones are live, but I think they are in the first example too - although in the first example, the inner white stones are dead.

Nope, both the inner white and 'inner' black in the first example are alive due to the two "false" eyes that each group possesses that the other cannot attack simultaneously... --Kazuhiko
Oops. Thought the bottom of white's was in fact vulnerable - either someone's changed the example or, far more likely, I should have gone to bed a while before I posted that.

I've seen something like this (below) cited as a double-headed dragon. Note that it is connected. -- TI


Now I'm really confused then.  None of the eyes in the above look to be even the slightest bit 'false' to me...  The only thing notable about the pattern is the embedding of one live group within another.  :/  --Kazuhiko

Not to be confused with a "normal" DoubleHeadedDragon.
... and definitely not to be confused with DoubleDragon.

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