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Plot is, apparantly, nothing to do with Grandia one.

First available for the DreamCast.  Yes, I am obsessed.  Thank you for asking.  Now also available for the PC and PlayStation2? (with a few more fmv's and a slightly worse main game engine.)

Totally linear plot.  There is ONE optional area, and you have the ability to repeat an area if you liked it.  That's it.

You play Ryudo, a young, rude, GeoHound? (mercenary cum TroubleShooter)

You are employed to guard Elena, a songstress, on her trip to and from an exorcism.  Things go somewhat wrong, and you are sent off on a trip to prevent the awakening of the dark god Valmar.

All very bog standard - but the game throws a few bones to postmodernism...  With mocking-serious questions like "It's been almost a thousand years... couldn't they think up a better name than 'the battle between light and darkness'?"
And, of course, Milenia.  Who turns up, destroys the village, and decides to keep you because you're cute.  She won't go away and, frankly, can usually kick your butt when she gets angry.

Along the way, Ryudo must confront his past, team up with blah blah blah.

This game is highly addictive.  About 20 hours of play on a single disc.  (Most of the time, most characters are not voiced - that's how it fits)

The battle system is somewhat hard to understand - but extremely fun to use.  The game is fantastically easy, unfortunately.

Things to note:


You are sent out to find the Sword of Granas (the good god, who used it in his battle with Valmar, and broke the continents in the process)  When you find it, you get some lovely jokes and some lovely fmv.


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