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A CRPG.  Originally for the Saturn, also available for the PlayStation.
Kinda sorta IsoMetric? 3d - sprites over a 3d landscape.

The plot follows a young boy and the daughter of a pirate as they bumble around, get in trouble, visit a museum and go to visit an archaelogical dig.  There they discover that the empire is digging up something immensely important.

And somewhere around there I get horribly tired of it and stop playing.  The plot is allegedly good, but there's an overabundance of both combats and jumping puzzles.

It also has an incredibly irritating powerup system, where you gain experience in the weapons that you use, and gain techniques based upon those levels.  But the techniques all require, for example, swords-4 and axe-1.  Which means that you have to stop using the sword that you are good with, and use an axe (and drag out combats even MORE) until you learn the technique.

This is something that the same people who rave about the plot love about the game.  Go Play GrandiaTwo instead.


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