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The definitive BattleForThePlanet.

The definitive 'insane teenagers are the only viable pilots for GiantRobots?' (anyone got the DragonTails? strip?)

It's got a mech called the TallGeese?.  You couldn't come up with a sillier name if you tried.

It's also Tenchi in that there are innumerable remakes (X,Wing,GT etc.) all of which are the same basic thing.
MuHaHaHa...  I thought for a second you were referring to five teenage boys around Relena as opposed to five (plus or minus a couple) teenage girls around Tenchi... - Kazuhiko
You are evil.  And may just have come up with a wonderful idea for an evil spinoff.

It's not actually terrible.  Its redeeming feature is that there are no good guys and bad guys.  There are just factions, and an ongoing history.  People change sides and expound their personal philosophies of life and war (interchangeably) a little too much to be realistic - but it also has lots of boring scenes of giant robots blowing up.

The general plot.  Don't expect detail, since it's huge and varied.
But basically, there is a war and some plans for GiantRobotsOfImmensePower? made out of a powerful new alloy (the one AFTER mythril ;)  are rediscovered, built, equipped with angsty teenagers and sent to earth to kick butt.
Then, depending upon plot variant, peace breaks out, they fight each other and anything in sight and war starts up again due to the machinations of various factions.  Factions change names and complex stuff happens.
After some time, newer even MORE powerful robots are built.  And the franchise rolls on.

One notable innovation of this series - the 'zero' model doesn't come pre-equipped with an insane pilot, instead it drives its pilot insane by showing it the future from the point of view of the opposition.


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