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A new anime based on a manga of the same name, released by Bandai.
Very much a HardBoiled? anime in the same tradition as Noir.
So far only one episode has been released, so it is difficult to see where this series is going, however:

An Organisation (possibly Italian) takes in young girls and trains them as hit-people.
Each girl has a handler, someone who trains and looks after them, however, things looks to be complicated by the relationships between girls and handlers.
In the first episode, the main character, Henrietta, messes up a hit by acting on impulse, and ends up killing a room full of thugs. This was not the required outcome. She receives a minor injury to her arm during the fight. At this point, the anime diverges slightly from the manga, as (in the manga) we get to see what happens when one of the girls is injured, this doesn't happen in the anime.
An intriguing start to what looks like it will be a very gritty series. --Tsunami


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