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Kuma the Tiger - Exalted Dawn general

"A new age has dawned, the third age. An age of harmony, respect and cooperation. It is a time for the healing of old wounds and the cherishing of what we have."

So believes Kuma, exalted shard of the Dawn caste Kurm, champion of the order of Alar, and Dawn-general of the mighty tiger-warrior army. Alar the patriarch believed in the natural order, the greatness of the first age, and in protecting and treating respectfully the millions of mortals that were not granted the gifts of the exalted. He trusted in the loyalty of the thousands of dragon blooded that governed creation on behalf of the solars, and spoke well of them… that was before the impergium, before the sidereals manipulated them into betraying their masters.
The exalted of Alar have never trusted them again.

He is a Paragon of conviction and (naive) valour, Uncorrupted by power, he hates darkness and made a heroic stand against unbeatable odds when he fought a Malfean hand to hand.

Kuma followed the order of Alar and read the texts in which mortal had written down the events of the first age and which had survived the imaculate purge on the solars.

Excerpt from a crumbling manuscript… possibly an observer or taken from witnesses of the time.

..and the great dawn solar then came down with his hand, smiting the layer cake from the board with most excellent fury, it’s three tiers gracefully spinning towards the three worthy scoundrels, who stood proudly.. before the cream and sponge struck home...

…he had treated us as servants not as slaves and dispensed mercy, as much as orders. But the overlords, those who ruled over us, that served them, they did not see the virtue, their hearts were bent on usurping…

..and though he tarried to reason them of their error, the battle platforms fired long arrows of light at the golden figure, even him that was wreathed in a most glorious light and bearing the image of a great lion.
No mortal could have stood before such monsters, the gargants of our legions, now betraying our gods, in the hands of those foul traitors- the aspect cultists.
.. But he leapt, in an heroic manner twixt searing bolts of energy, twisting through the air to land on one. And crying his war cry “By the wrath of the Unconquered sun” he set about one of them. Ringed by furious dragon-warriors, he fought a kata so furious and graceful that even the mightiest of them could not fell him, though their weapons were keen and malice filled their veins. The golden one became a blur of wrath, and was quickly within the belly of the beast.
 I saw from afar, though I know not how, the monster flared and spewed forth it’s innards in flame, and of the golden one I saw no sign.
Then I looked above and gazed in awe, the god-lion had grappled the flying vessel and held fast
with his mighty hand, which was to pull him from the jaws of death.
My eyes were blinded, I saw not what happened next but when I could see through the smoke, the craft had crashed burning into the square amidst the wreckage of the second battle platform…

another account told of a desperate chase above the city roofs and arrows of fire and bolts of light. I saw the golden ones together for a moment.
A horde of the dragon warriors filled the street filling the roof tops with arrows, among them stood one in blue whose face and shape I cannot recall, but stood as one from the other place. This one was using magic to direct the shafts of the warriors.
 The lion had shielded the other with a pattern of swords that appeared to mine eyes a sphere 
of energy as bright of the sun, and upon this burst the four arrows. Then the lion drew back his
mighty bow and struck the one that cannot be named and she fell, but himself was struck by many

 “Fly you fool, I’ll hold them back by sol!” 
were the words that echoed through the quarter as the golden lion, sorely wounded fell among them. I saw many fall before his flashing blades, their wretched bodies flying in all directions but the tide did not halt and their fury was great. This wounded solar fell under the horde.
 Was he a god? I do not know he died like a god.

 I saw his weapon lie where he fell, they could not touch it. 
It was hours before the scene was cleared. The cultists had toppled their lords.
Now a new age was to begin and our tribulation with it…

Exalted/Solars character from Requiem/Candle. RPG

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