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Candle is the largest campaign Requiem has ever run. It has produced these quotes to date (but the list is kind of out of date - I'll update when I have time). It is now over; people feel free to add their favourite memories in the relevant section. You never know - I might write something about them.

The sequel will be called 'Enemy of my Enemy'.

Many details folded to revision 187 and earlier. Page will be ReFactored? as and when.

Favourite Moments

The raid on the death cult in which Xarak was beaten by his cat, Seric blew himself up and Oberon nearly got sacreficed to the dark gods all while Tulas called the Wyld hunt down on all of us. -- King DJ

Xarak's drug-related escapades, including botching a roll to bottle an Immaculate with a bottle of LSD and managing to hit himself in the mouth with it. Also, Snow's insane hammer-related antics whereby he killed two Abyssals in one round by throwing it at one, and teleporting it back into his hand just in time to smash another. -- Xarak

[Prince of the falsehood]? pursued by an entire wyld hunt, as he retreats to the walls of Rubylak shooting down a wood aspect, then a fire aspect (finished off by Mighty RAy). Destroying the horses of the immaculated knights with a radiant blight and then cooly killing them and many screaming civillians with a horrible necromancy, leading the air aspect which foolishly attempted to follow him undergrouynd straight into a trap, the puddle of Pireflame Prince had obligingly left at the foot of the opening. Prince stopped to gloat a while to watch the Air aspect die in agony, then in a swich of black vanished into the darkness.

The posing - HOUAH! --ConradZ

The moment Tulas realised she had been betrayed.. by her lover Moriko. (soft laughter from the shadows)--Prince of the falsehood

Character Epilogues / Epitaphs

Kurm? died with his boots on, pierced by the daiklave of a warstrider while trying to kill Walker in Darkness. His body is destroyed but his spirit lives on in the Newly exalted Dawn-general Kuma the Tiger, once his loyal follower and a mortal captain who weilds his Orichalcum daiklaive in the name of Alar-the Lion.

Oberon died in battle with foes of the Light, on the battlements of a Manse in the shadowland.
Spotting his enemy on the parapet near him he focused his attention on his quarry. This one who had brought so much misery to Rubylack would pay for the destruction he had  caused.Then he saw the dark energy gathering around the Abyssal's bow and realised too late his mistake. With blinding speed the dark archer unleashed a hail of arrows. Ducking and weaving for all he was worth Oberon was unable to avoid the dark magic bolts streaking toward him seemingly possessed of minds of their own.
Penetrated 4 times through the chest the force knocked Oberon back of the battlements and he fell for what seemed like an eternity.
He felt no pain. Only a warm glow from within where the arrows had pieced his heart.

Mighty Ray lived by the AxeKlaiveChucks, and he died by the AxeKlaiveChucks. Concentrating too hard on his attempts to kill Syrtis, he neglected the other end of the treacherous weapon and ended up ending his own existence. He always knew it would end this way - he was truly the World's Mightiest Man. None was mightier than himself, and so the only one at whose blade he could fall, was himself.

Subtle Like Brick is last seen in the Labyrinth with a great spear in either hand, approaching a heraktonhire with a calculating look on his face. Houah!

After the events of Candle Se'ric works closely with the Gold Faction, and as a little experiment he is trained in astrology. He turns out to be an exemplary servant of Destiny, and is eventually accepted as the first Solar to work for the Bureau of Destiny in three thousand years. His appointment goes a long way towards giving the Gold Faction a specific and acheivable target.

Emerging from the Underworld bloodied but unbowed, Tulas and Moriko walk into the sunrise towards the great walls of Rubylak, hand in hand. Eight months later, three days after the birth of Tulas' first child, Syrtis lifts his curse on her.

Snow packs his belongings, says farewell to his friends, and without a word to Tulas or Artan leaves the monastery. Swearing that he shall not rest until the Deathlords are defeated, he walks off into the sunset and is never seen again.

Tranquility is promoted to the Convention on Deathlords, where she works closely with Syrtis. Out of consideration for her... unique working methods, he assigns her as much of the desk-work as possible, allowing her to stay in Yu-Shan most of the time and go to all of the best parties. She occasionally attends the parties that Tulas and Moriko throw just after Calibration every year.

NellensArtan, after six or so months shoring up the government of Rubylak and artificing in his spare time, suddenly sets his affairs in order and leaves for the Blessed Isle. He has finally been called home to serve the elders of House Iselsi. He has grown through the arrogance of his earlier years and has at last been given a second chance after the events of his betrayal. However the shadows of Rubylak occasional hide a benevolent presence and his past allies know that they are not forgotten.

Kuma leads several hundred heavily armed and armoured troops into Tulas' Manse. He gives a great speech on equality and rightness of being, and pledges his sword to the aid of Rubylak and its leader, and above all to the people. He, Ten Great Ox and Two Tranquil Brooks take the tiger-warriors and ride errant throughout the Northeast, gaining recruits as they go. In time they become a massive force in the politics of the region, equal to the Bull of the North.

Syrtis is promoted to the Convention on Deathlords, and over the next few years leads a series of daring and highly successful raids on Deathlord operations in the Threshold. He takes leave from his duties once and once only - to meet with Tulas shortly after the birth of her first child. He revokes his curse on her, with the realization that she is more noble than he knew. After that, he never returns to Rubylak, although Tulas occasionally receives cordial letters in blue ink and an elegant hand.

And Rubylak endures. There are many trials, many tribulations, but they are a matter for another tale. The work started here, endures.

For it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Thank you.


The others...

[[Requiem (for the Fading Light at Eventide)]]. A rogue abyssal, dishonoured because he helped the solars and allowed Kurmís showdown with Walker and Shoat, precipitating the undead wars. He led the party to defeat Walker and took his place, to end the deadís occupation of Rubylak when the army of darkness invaded. Only later was this found to be all another ploy by Walker.

[Prince of the falsehood]?, master of disguise and loyal servant of the Death-lord Requiem aftre the fall of [Walker in darkness]? showed his quality, and finally presented himself to the party as himself (for once) and even offered to join them (for mutual benefit).
Prince has a quest to undermine the dragon-blooded of Rubylack and gain recruits for Requiem's army. He dressed in black demonica robes and carried a terrible skull bow with which he has killed solars inluding Oberon and many of the Wyld hunt. Unlike Requirem, he relishes in spreading merciless death, and killing mortals with his powerful necromancy. He was last seen in the hall of a Malfean Lord, but his plans to kill the circle were thwarted at the last minute by timely recovery of the Sideral Syrtis and the newly exalted Kuma.
noone knows his fate or his next face. It is rumoured he is still plotting doom on Rubylak and will oneday return.

Princess (of a thousand faces) First manifestation of [Prince of the falsehood]? to the circle in Rubylak, she succeeded in sending a dozen mortal souls to oblivion by the hand of a solar. It was she who framed Tulas.

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