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See RolePlayingGame.

Also (RPG7) a Soviet anti-tank weapon, similar to a Bazooka.
(This is alleged to abbreviate from RocketPropelledGrenade - which seems unlikely to me unless the russian for all three words happens to come out the same?)
MoonShadow: Google: RPG7 site: .ru gives Ручной Противотанковый Гранатомет (Ruchnoi Protivotankovyi Granatomyot) = handheld antitank grenade thrower. http://www.gunsite.narod.ru/rpg7.htm has some pictures, and says it's "..intended for breaching armoured targets of the opponent, their fortifications and shelters." Also says the M69 is completely identical but of Chinese origin. So now you know.''
Um - you turned off russian encoding, remember?  -- Vitenka
''MoonShadow: There's nothing to stop me entering Russian text. (Or Japanese, or whatever.) It gets stored correctly. Anyone who sets their browser to use Codepage 1251 will see it correctly. People who regularly use MSIE to read Cyrillic pages in this broken manner should see it correctly without having to do anything special (although I make no guarantees about MSIE, since MSIE is the reason why the server is not sending the correct headers in the first place).

This dichotomy has inspired many a joke. However, some people just take the basic idea and [run with it]

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