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Live Action RolePlaying

There are two main varieties of this:

It is observed that participants in the former have a tendancy to refer to the latter as 'not real LARP'. This should not be undertaken except in jest.

If you like the proper kind of LARP, please let me know, as I will be your eternal friend, and make sure to corrupt you to Treasure Trap and the Lorien Trust. Thanks, Snapdragon (jeo30@cam)

Not to be confused with HistoricReenactment? or MartialArts?.

I can see the latter, but why not confuse it with historic reenactment?  Isn't that a kind of LARP? --SGB
Tends to be done with (blunted) metal weapons, rather than at full speed.  Another category is StageFighting?, as learnt by actors for use in theatres. --Pallando
Historic re-enactment doesn't have nearly as much actual RolePlaying, being mostly about the living history - whether 'everyday life' or mediaeval martial arts. --Requiem

See also: CambridgeTreasureTrap


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