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Putting a link to MaintainMe inside a page serves as a request for someone to clean up that page. It may be that lots of people have been ranting or talking, and someone needs to go through and clean up the conversation by moving it somewhere more appropriate, condensing it into a summary, merging the points made with the rest of the text on the page, or some combination of the above. There's stuff on [Wiki:RefactorByCondensingConversation] and the pages it links to.

It may be that the reader doesn't have time to do this. If the reader tags the appropriate chunk of page with MaintainMe, someone else (probably me) who comes to this page and clicks on its title will then see the request, and, if they're bored enough and need something to do, will go and fix it.

Also, only the administrator can do things like delete pages completely rather than just making them blank, or completely rename pages and all links to them. Changing the text of a page text to that found on a default new page ("Describe the new page here.") will have an indistinguishable effect to that of deleting the page, anyway, except that the changelog will be preserved; but a link to MaintainMe will alert me of cases such as misspellings, which could usefully have something more drastic done about them.

Due to wiki growth, admin maintenance runs are taking very long amounts of time (each run requires each page to be processed for each alteration). Edits made during admin runs can cause weird effects and/or inconsistent state. So MoonShadow will be making admin runs quite infrequently and only at unsociable hours henceforth.

Since all Wiki pages are in a constant state of needing a bit of maintenance anyway, this should only be used when it gets really bad and/or it's something an ordinary ToothyWikizen can't do.

MaintainMe request: Do something about CategoryUncategorisable, CategoryStuff?, CategoryOvercategorised, CategoryCategorised, CategoryCategorisableButNobodyIsQuiteSureHow. They're all variations on the same theme, which probably lives at LeafPage or CategoryPending these days anyway. --M-A

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