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People put a link to this page on pages they think could be deleted next maintenance run.

Pages tagged with MaintainMe/Delete appear to serve no purpose, or to be redundant/no longer wanted, or to need to be renamed, or to have been made obsolete by changes elsewhere to the wiki, or to have lost the context in which they were created, or to have had their useful content moved to one or more other pages, or otherwise to have lost their usefulness, or a combination of any or all of these.

MaintainMe/Delete is also often used to replace the entire contents of pages created by spammers and spam bots, to indicate that the page can be swiftly deleted.

No, linking to here is a call for discussion, certainly not an absolute order. If you think the page should be kept, write on it to say so. If no-one says anything it'll eventually get deleted.

No, and no. Some pages lose their usefulness as part of the natural order of things. Some pages, like test pages, only had a brief usefulness to start with. Pages on subjects which have already been discussed to death elsewhere are easy to create - no-one is expected to have a perfect knowledge of wiki content. Tidying the wiki should also be part of the natural order of things. Pruning away dead wood makes trees grow healthier. Moving content to places where it is easier to find and/or fits better seems like a logical thing to do.

If you disagree with the decision, say so on the page tagged for deletion. If you still don't understand why it was made and no explanation has been provided other than this link, feel free to ask. If you agree or don't care, just let it happen.

See also WhatIsWiki and WikiEtiquette

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