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One of the site administrators (really just content)  of [WorldWideWiki:SwitchWiki]

The idea of having the image of the bus come from one server, meant that we could change the bus image in one fell swope.  I don't think it is a big deal that you want to host the small image though.

Best, Mark

Fair enough, if the people hosting it are OK with it. I just didn't want to steal someone else's bandwidth without reason, people can get upset sometimes - MoonShadow

I understand your hesitation now, not to steal bandwidth.

I often think of it the other way [BillBoard]  --MarkDilley
I also do not comprehend that page.  --Vitenka (None of it.  Not the purpose, nor the implementation nor the use)
I think it's suggesting that if all inline images link to the site they are served from - i.e. function as banner ads - the site will not generally mind the loss of bandwidth since they get extra traffic in return. However, it's not actually something that ToothyWiki syntax supports. On a vaguely related note, I just came across [this], which has a few very well-put ideas that could probably do with being linked to from WikiEtiquette somewhere.. - MoonShadow

Cool wiki!


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