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Nothing really means anything. It's a depressing thought... why don't I just CurlUpAndDie....

Because there are people who don't want you to.  Because things will change.  Because there is a way through.
What is really funny is that once you think too much into why you're doing something, you'll always reach a point (normally after 5 whys) where you don't know how to answer.

True, which is why ThinkingTooMuch should be outlawed.  It only seems to cause trouble.  Sorry, I'm feeling rather off-centre at the moment which means I'm probably not helping very much.  If I feel like you seem to be feeling from your comments, I find the only real way out is to talk to someone (no, the Wiki doesn't count) or to get some sleep.  Preferably both, preferably in that order.  I hope that helps --Kazuhiko

I'm not sad really, it's inspired by a friend of mine trying to convinced me into christianity... I asked him what's the point, he says because God loves me, then I say my mom loves me, but I don't worship her... it goes downhill from there. ^_^ -ColinLeung

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