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Pallando has heard of immersive diary systems, which use active badges and video cameras to log your day, and even index it by subject matter and who you met.

But has anyone tried making one a bit more like the sort of memory humans have, where one leaves oneself memos to stumble upon later?  So your electronic memo system, on detecting that you are meeting George, or meeting the the Three Bells pub, would scan back in your diary for previous 'associated' memories, and hunts for undone stuff to remind you of.

The first already exists - with the name "On Premise Paging".  Drop notes attached to locations and get memo-d about them when you return.  The seconed is a research project named "Eye-Tap" and probably many others.  --Vitenka
AgendaFusion?, a ShareWare calendar program for PocketPC?, supports "links" between pretty much any of the items it knows about - appointments, tasks, contacts, notes etc. So if in my calendar view I tap on a meeting with Rachael's wedding florist, it'll offer me links to the florist's contact card, to any tasks that I've linked to that appointment, and to other appointments in category Wedding. But I do have to manually specify the links, which isn't quite what you describe. --AC


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