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Shareware can be described as "try before you buy" software. These are programs that can be downloaded from the Internet for a trial period before the user actually pays for them. Customers "register" the program by paying the required fee.

I (AlexChurchill) would be interested to see how many shareware products people have actually registered themselves.  Please add your name below.  Note I'm not including using registered versions which have been registered by some organisation for you, like the ComputerLab.

I do wish we'd hurry up and eradicate currency - we've already got the sci-fi 'credit' system haven't we?  Visa care not about your puny earth pounds, Visa smash!  --Vitenka (Hey, they take 4% either way, what's a little currency conversion?)


Well done with exile.  --Vitenka
10 or more:

Ones that we haven't registered but which might be nice for someone else:

I do wish people wouldn't keep resurrecting pages with largely-free interesting-sounding games on them (viz. Excelsior and Exile II in this case)... --CH

SeeAlso: FreeWare

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