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Small toy cars, boats, planes, etc., even smaller than Matchbox? or Corgi?

Famous for two things: being a rather fun children's toy, but perhaps more importantly, being a great ComputerGame series that involves/involved racing said products around various domestic locations.  Such as 4x4s on the breakfast table.  Or tanks in the bedroom.  Or sports cars on school desks.

There are (I think) six games in the series:

MicroMachines (the original)
MicroMachinesTwoTurboTournament? (added lots more locations and vehicles)
MicroMachinesNinetySix? (primary new feature was the map edit mode)
MicroMachinesArmy? (specialised in army vehicles)
MicroMachinesVThree? (3D game, but still a pretty faithful remake)
MicroMachinesTheSillyNewVersion? (also officially called MicroMachines, but not much like the original)

MicroMachines 2 was played lots and lots in Two-Player Teams by a certain group of RobinsonCollege students who shared a house. The track of choice was Turbo Turns, a simple oval, although Ferry Fiasco is pretty classic as well. Nagi was generally the best; AlexChurchill second; MoonShadow third; and whoever we drafted in to be a fourth player far behind. These abilities change a bit with vodka consumption.

It's also worth noting that in the Amiga version the tanks could shoot, but it seems they can't on the PC. --AlexChurchill
They could shoot on the PC. Or I somehow managed to be running the Amiga version on the PC, which seems less likely. --SF, who is not at all paging through CategoryComputerGames instead of working.


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