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Having a small daughter just learning about the world and speaking she sometimes comes out with some rather funny stuff.  I think some of them are worth sharing!

While recounting the name of cats she knows...
Mike: And are there some cats at Alex's house?
Hannah: *long thoughtful pause* Rachael!

So Alex, does Rachael possess some cat ears that I didn't know about?
:):) No... at least, not that I'm aware of either. But she does have some things in common with our cats at least, in terms of the joy she brings to the household. We're touched that Hannah remembers her :) --AC
Aww, how shweet ;)  Hannah seems to clearly remember visiting you guys; she remembers being scared of PepsiAndTango ("cat, no!  Mummy cuddle, daddy cuddle.")  She remembers "cat running! funny!", but the first thing she usually remembers is "Alex, Totoro!"... --MJ

Some Hannah vocabulary:

'doodles' for noodles.  It sounds like something to make spaghetti pictures from.
'cockadoodle' for chickens.

Hannah: I got a cake!  It got candles inside!

Prepositions are complicated...
They are indeed. And that's without even bringing up phrasal verbs. --PT
Indeed.  I once heard of a child who asked about the waiter 'why did he dis it appear?', meaning take it away.  A whole new phrasal verb was invented... --MJ

Imitation of us mummying Daniel provide a new avenue for toddler amusement.  Hannah shaking her favourite toy bunny and demanding that it 'do big burp' was quite entertaining.

It's surprisingly hard to maintain a worshipful attitude when you look down at church to see that your toddler has raised one arm in the air in service imitation of the joyous charismatic in the row in front.  One of those moments of do you 'awww' or burst out laughing (neither appreciated by the rest of the congregation during the singing though!)

Hannah starts to postulate about the world of romance:
'Daddy love his friend called mummy'
Aww! --Rachael

Hannah learns to do typical English understatement.
The picture Bible is open.  We're reading the Fall, the last page where God is doling out the consequences of everything.  Hannah points at the picture of a very p'ed off snake and comes out with 'He not impressed!'

Sometimes it's a case of 'almost but not quite'.  As in
'I'm a book little worm!'

'Daddy, try to be clever, next week!'

Hannah: Who are Daddy's mummy and daddy?
Mummy: Grandma and Grandpa.
Hannah: Ah. That's why they're so old then!

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