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PepsiAndTango are the two kittens that AlexChurchill and Rachael have had since July 2008.
They're incredibly cute and fairly affectionate. People are very welcome to come and meet them, either at GamesEvening, or by arranging with us to come over at some other time.


So. When are you going to start making LolCats?? --CH
The answer to that can only be...

The alternative answer: When people suggest some good captions :) --AC

Surely the first one should be a pic of both of them, with the caption "Can haz canned beverage?" --Androidkiller

"I is on your gameboard, 0wning your pieces." --DR

PepsiAndTango lolcats here: http://cheezburger.com/pictures-by-alextfish/lolz

Would anybody like to take care of them (and get exclusive photo opportunities!) over the Bank Holiday weekend? It would involve popping in twice a day between Friday 22nd evening and Tuesday 26th morning, to give them food and empty their litter tray.
I'm available.  --Vitenka
Yay, excellent. We'll give you a key at GamesEvening or WednesdayAnime the week before. Thanks. --Rachael

No pictures, I'm afraid, but two storiettes from "Adventures in Kitten Sitting"
  1. You had a bird in your house.  A sparrow, I think.  From the ash in the living room, it appears to have come in via the chimney.  The kittens were greatly amused by its panicked attempts to exit through the (closed) window, but there was much less pouncing than might be feared.  I let it out.
  2. So, I start to scoop things (unmentionable things) out of the kitty-poo-crate.  The kittens, bless their evil malicious little furry hearts decide to "help".  They both jump in and start digging.  Helpful.  They looked so sweet, and made such a mess...

Not sure which was more cute; seeing PepsiAndTango pursuing a laser dot with much futile enthusiasm, or hearing my daughter giggle about the sight with a deep belly laugh... when you ask her 'what did the cats do' she still replies 'running...' as a huge grin lights up her face. --MJ

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