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Myst is famous for being very pretty, building up a very nice world - and being slowww and full of puzzles.  Many millions of people bought it.  I watched a bit of a cut scene from Riven (sequel to myst) years ago, and it was very pretty.

Cut to last month.

Myst has a gold edition rerererelease.
In this edition, the first room after the start is a scavern in the dock face.  Entering here causes myst gold edition to try to access the internet, and then to crash.

Here endeth my experiences with myst.

I would add that I completed the first Myst in less than a day, on Boxing day, after lunch, whilst tipsy.  It took a long time to reset all the video controld to the way that Myst liked them, and also a downgrade of Quicktime.  Even so, it was very pretty, but also more than a little annoying in places.  I liked it though.  So I bought Riven?.  Riven? works up until the first major animation where it does a really good rollercoaster monorail thingy, pulls into a halt and then we get the black screen of death and it crashes.  Wow.  That was really worth waiting for.  That said, it could be worse though.  Could be the very bad joke version released by copycats.  It was called Pyst? and (IIRC) the aim was to work out what you'd done the night before as you were stuck on an island with a really big hangover and didn't know how you'd gotten there.--Jumlian

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