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Past inhabitant of Cam of 1995-99 vintage.  Geologist and generally quite MinSci

Reads the wiki at weird hours, often when eating soup.  The reasons for this can frequently be related to the evil thesis that is eating his life.


Welcome!  - MoonShadow
Yay!  Jumlian is here!  HappyDance?!  How can we make you happier?  IKnow!  {ThrowsRocks?} --Vitenka

Update - Thesis no longer eating life.  Yay.  Waiting for VivaDate.  Noooo. 

And working, in Durham, on rocks.  Will fix wiki user id when I can find where I left it....

Well done Morrigan.  Suggested motto: Eat rocks, not Thesis.
I think you'll find the Thesis was eating him.  Why he didn't feed the rocks directly to the Thesis I'm not quite sure.  Then again, I wish I could feed my samples directly to my Thesis without the inconvenience of measuring them with machines that are apparently permanently non-functional, it would make life much easier. --MikeJeggo

Quite correct, actually.  I lost almost two stone (if you'll excuse the pun, but I am a geologist) in the three months I spent writing up.  Mostly at night and in the early hours.  Yuk.  Incidentally its nice to see someone else who has problems with analytical machinery.  In my time I've blown up a microscope, an electron microprobe, a mass spectrometer (the blue smoke escaped) and my own desktop computer (three times in the latter case, although it was more self-destruction than inflicted injury, video cards, sound cards, power supplies, you name it I've blown it up).  I also had a geochemistry lab (note below) disassembled from under me, and will have that dubious pleasure again later this year.  --Jumlian

StuartFraser notes the difference between industry and academia; in industry, the machines are only nonfunctional when you want to use them. They work fine the rest of the time.

They're not always nonfunctional...  Usually the nonfunctionality is in direct proportion to how quickly you need the data.  Sadly people generally need data very quickly...  --Jumlian

Note - a geochemistry lab is a place where geochemists do nasty things to powdered rock samples involving moderate quantities of hydrofluoric acid, aqua regia, and nice unnatural (and highly radioactive) isotopes like U236, Th229 and Ra228.  Don't ask why - it's just an interesting form of insanity, and far safer than being the loon who climbs the volcanoes... 
It has just been pointed out to me that I am also the loon who climbs the volcanoes.  Doh.  --Jumlian
I climbed a volcano once (meaning a potentially active one - Arthur's Seat doesn't really count).  I only found out it was a volcano months afterwards.  The steam issuing forth from every stream on it ought to have given it away at the time, though... --MJ

Newsflash: VivaDate tentatively confirmed as 6 August.  Another 2.5 months in Limbo (near Staines).

NewsSlug: Viva done, minor corrections, made, waiting for response from OpenUniversity. --Jumlian

The only ToothyWikizen who I prefer to not log in when editing pages.  The thought of a hamster from Durham university running around the Wiki editing pages by far makes up for any inconvenience working out who has edited which page... --Kazuhiko

Actually, in moving up to Durham, I lost my login ID... I can remember the password though.  Doh. --Jumlian
Make a new one. I've got two ^^ - SunKitten
Cheers... I thought I'd have to change my name if I did that. --Jumlian.
Jumlian is id 1137.  See my homepage to see how to find out.

So, who is Jumlian?

Did NatSci at FitzwilliamCollege 95-99.  Geologist, first year of the 4 year course.  Managed at various times to hold every single post of the Wargaming Society (dogsbody, secretary, treasurer and president).  Was the second president, after the UltimateAndUnlimitedPrimarch left.  Member of CURS, player of Amber, ArsMagica, and DungeonsAndDragons.  Knows Vitenka and also Senji from those heady days, although not sure if Senji's noticed yet :-) . 

I figured that out when you made the CUWGS comment. -- Senji

The name Jumlian came about as a mis-spelling of a character name in an Ars Magica campaign, proof of this spelling ignominy can still be found out there in the wild web.  Doing a websearch for Jumlian shows up this page on geocities:


but it spawns adverts.
Try [Jumlian] here as the canonical home for it.  --Vitenka

Jumlian is pleased to say though that the picture of the arm is a genuine one he did himself.  It may also contain a reference to Jumlian's RealName.  Doh.

Eheh.  That site is still up?  You realises that means that it is still being accessed at least once a week?  I wonder why...  --Vitenka
It has now disappeared - although it was active earlier this year. --CH
Yeah, geocities is very very crappy.  Can't reactivate without buying a premium account, AFAICT and can't even change the surf.to redirection because that wants an old non-functional email address.  Damn the web, anyway.  --Vitenka

Project: Redcap may still be feeding you people?  - IIRC, that's what you reckoned last time this was mentioned --Jumlian

I used the library section briefly last year... -- Senji


[/Fiction?]  - when I can be bothered to a)write it down, b)upload it.  Note that Jumlian is notoriously reticent about letting other people read stuff he's written, so it may take some time.
/SoTD - Song of the Day

MessageForYou?: Vitenka/ChairmansParanoia - could do with some help from a master chairman.  --Vitenka


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