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A Russian musical/film based on a [screenplay] by [Evgeny Shvarts].

A magician turns a bear into a human as a prank; in order to turn back, the bear must get a princess to fall in love with him and kiss him.

English subtitles here: [part 1] [part 2] (timings for the VCD release). Showings can be arranged on request ;)


bear: It will not be soon. I will only become a bear again when a princess falls in love with me and kisses me.
wife: Your idea?
magician: Why, it's not bad at all, if I do say so myself.
wife: That is so sad... My god, that is so sad...
magician: Phoo... Once more, I fail to please.
wife: And did you not think of the princess?
magician: Pah... it is good for one's health to fall in love.
wife: The poor girl will fall in love, and will kiss the youth - and he then turns into a wild animal?
magician: A perfectly ordinary event.
wife: But then he'll run away to the forest!
magician: Yes, it happens - sometimes they run away.

king: You know what a royal palace is, of course?
magician: Of course.
king: Behind the wall, people push each other, cut each other's throats, throttle their brothers and sisters...
king: In other words, we have everyday mundane life.

admin: Midnight, on the dot.
wife: What's at midnight?
admin: Come to the barn, you will not regret it.
admin: I do not have time to court.
admin: You are attractive, and as for me..
admin: I'm devilishly attractive; why should we lose time?
admin: At midnight. I will be waiting.

king: Executioner!
king: Get ready.
king: Gentle courtiers...
king: Pray.
king: The princess has locked herself in her room..
king: She is not letting anyone in..
king: You will all be executed.

minister: Your Majesty..
minister: I believe that adults should not interfere with the romantic life of children.
king: You will die first.

hunter: My newbie is depressed; doesn't eat, doesn't drink, stumbles in his answers.
king: The princess?
hunter: Who?
landlord: Your newbie is a cross-dressed princess.

bear: Be my wife!
amanda: Good sir, which one of us are you talking to?
orinthia: There are two of us here.
bear: Forgive me, I hadn't noticed.

landlord: Flee, or you will meet your doom! It is deadly dangerous to approach too closely to lovers when they are quarreling! Run while you still can!

See also [IMDB]

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