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A RolePlaying concept.

Since the GM?, ST?, DM? etc. will (in general) be throwing dangerous and DoomLaden? stuff at the PCs; and since the game is more satisfying all round if the players are able to combat things which they and their characters care about, there are a couple of options for choosing doom.

Firstly, you might have a good GM? etc. In that case, he or she will be sensitive to the currents and moods of the players and their characters, and choose dooms that suit perfectly.

Secondly, and possibly more reliably, you can allow the players a certain amount of leeway in setting up situations in which it is known or very likely that doom will occur. This allows them a free hand to suggest, either in character or out, dooms they would find interesting. They then rely on the GM? etc. to execute said doom in an exciting manner.

This tactic was demonstrated well twice in LastFlightOfTheRavens?. Firstly, CathakTakashi? (JacobSteele?) decided he'd be chased off the BlessedIsle? by black-clad assassins. This filled an entire session plus a bit, got all the party on-ship in a hurried and messy fashion, and provided much opportunity for skirmish and mild paranoia.

Secondly, TepetAsilano? (ChrisHowlett) decided to summon a demon. He didn't know this was going to go wrong, but the chances were fairly reasonable. Initially unbeknownst to the party, the demon supplied several sessions'-worth of doom, including mysterious assassinations, bloody one-on-one fights, and extreme paranoia.

RolePlaying; OP = ChrisHowlett

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