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MadScientist inventor.  Wonderful wonderful (kids) books.

Inevitably his inventions go wrong, but he tears them down with a genial smile and the help of his housekeeper and it's all delightful in that FamousFive? way.  --Vitenka

Some of my favourite PB stories include the one where the Elixir of Life is spilled all over a photo album, and the pictures come to life, constantly repeating what they were saying when the picture was taken (So you have, for example, half a policeman who got in the shot saying "Pass along, p-, pass along, p-").  And the Cricket one where he invents bowling machines to produce all kinds of balls and radioactive wickets that yell "Out" (in a variety of silly fashions once they start to go wrong, of course).  And many others that I cannot recall at the moment - PaulPower
And, of course, all illustrated in that wonderful WHeathRobinson? style, the type where a tea-making device (say) will have to involve a rat in a wheel, a magnifying glass positioned to burn through one of the innumerable pieces of string which hold the contraption together, and so on... yes, wonderful memories :) --AlexChurchill
From what I read on the Internet doing some research on it last night, HeathRobinson? illustrated the first one (and maybe some of the others, I don't know) -- PaulPower


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