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An excellent piece of freeware Windows software that AlexChurchill uses. It provides a small, always-on-top window of buttons, which the user can define to contain any string of text, a variety of other actions such as manipulating the contents of the clipboard and starting programs, or any combination of the above.

AlexChurchill uses it to do things like:

Download it here:

It does have a pretty decent tutorial built in: run "manual.exe" once you've unzipped the archive. But if you just want to get started:
  1. It supports having 10 "profiles" = sets of buttons. When you start it up, you'll want to hit an "Opt" button to find a profile that you probably won't use. Then click "Opt" -> "Edit Profile" and "Clear profile". (If you can't see an "Opt" button, right-click the systray icon and select "Swap Profile-Set".)
  2. From then on, you can click on empty buttons to bring up the "Edit Keys" menu, which lets you edit any of the buttons (not just the one you clicked on).
  3. To create a button which will paste a string of text, enter that string into the "Button Assign" field on the right-hand side.
  4. To create a button which will resize a window, click the dropdown under "Key & Command List" to select "Application commands". Then, for each of these commands in turn, select them from the list on the left-hand side, then click the blue arrow to transfer it into your "Button Assign" field:
  1. To create a button which will launch the Clip History program, select "RK control commands" under the "Key & Command List", then select "{/ME.CLIP.HISTORY}" and click the blue button to transfer it to the "Button Assign" field. (Or you could just paste {/ME.CLIP.HISTORY} into that field, but that way you don't get to look at the rest of the RK control commands.)
  2. To customise a button's appearance, use the controls at the top of the "Edit Keys" window: give it a name, help text, font and background colours. If you want to change the width or height of the buttons, you do that by closing the "Edit Keys" and instead using the "Edit Profile" window.

Feel free to ask here for more help: AlexChurchill has been using the program for years, and has figured out a variety of things it can and can't do.


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