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Tolkien, translated via a "Make it really really really long" filter.

Actually quite a good fantasy series (Uh, sorry - I'm talking about WheelOfTime here - does he write anything else?  That's the one he's infamous for, anyway) - just very very very long.  Especially towards the middle.  (Series is unfinished, at ten volumes of 300+ pages each)
Worst part is that the last one (700ish pages I think?) lasts less that a week of 'book time'. At this rate he'll never finish.  And that's a pity, because I actually want to know what's going to happen now.--Naath

Seriously.  When you're going to have mountains of D'hum (pronounce it with a long u) it's time to hide your head in shame.

Then when the main characters are whisked away from their peaceful village by a mysterious mage, and the companion is poisoned by an evil dagger and they must rush to a house of healing, you begin to suspect something is plagiarised.

Then when you realise that the characters are named 'matt' and 'perrin' you get realll suspicious.

One big innovation in his books - the main characters of a particular chapter are signalled by an icon above the titles.  So you can skip the damn politics bits.

Suffers (greatly) from power inflation, DavidEddings style.

Oh dear God yes, how many different factions have casually emerged from the woodwork, each making the 'all-mighty for the last N hundred years' AesSedai? look pedestrian, immature, and relatively powerless. I think it's about 5. (Oh, and there's one brewing over to the East, too - we just know they're going to be the most powerful yet, somehow...) - it makes the military antics (of a similar nature) look pretty tame, really. -- TI

Also wrote some Conan? books.

Deceased, Monday 17th September 2007.


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