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Really honestly believes in (and mostely fails to worship properlly) an infinite number of gods.  Honest.  Complete truth.  It would be *really* nice if people refrained from assuming that just because they are no longer major world faiths that what she believes is now merely an artifact of history.  this has been a public service announcement...

No, I'm not explaining the name... again.

Welcome :) Who else can we ask about the name? ;) - SunKitten
She's M'lisilinaath Thabana Aes Sedai, which first part, IIRC is a combination of Liliath (dragon name) and M'sina (rider name), Thabana is a place, and [Aes Sedai] is, of course, an honourific.
M'lisilinaath Ethifel (Death, kinda, in Nymiad) Aenea (of bronze, Liliath is bronze) Thabana (I'm weyrleader) Aes Sedai.
Bah, all these bronze riders... -- A'dan
(Names discussion removed to CombinedNames)

Hello!  How did you find the wiki? - Sally suffering from small world syndrome again...
Well, I know I've mentioned it in *my* LiveJournal... -- Senji
Mine, too - but Senji does, admittedly link it more often. -- TI
Oh, TheInquisitor was talking about his Cthulhu being in the PhoenixFeathers/RinFanClub T-shirt... so I searched for PhoenixFeathers on Google (you know, it's above the HP fanfic site of the same name...) Naath
Yay, *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*.  *Considers linking to it from Chiark to take account of Chiark's Doom PigeonRank -- Senji

I is wanting a summer vacation job and is laaaazy (about looking)... any idea where GoodPlacesToStart? would be?

What sort of job are you after? What's your subject? - MoonShadow

Right, I want some Cider Liqueur which I can buy from here http://www.orchard-hive-and-vine.co.uk/acatalog/index.html (sorry, not good at making links in wiki to external stuff).  Now, they say that for decent p&p prices you need to order at least 12 bottles. I have no use for 12 bottles of anything (though I might get some mead from them for the libation - I'm fed up with Lindesfarne, want something new).  So, does anyone want anything else from them so we can make up a bigger order?  They do wine and cider and mead and stuff. Any takers? --Naath

Mmm, apple-based alcholic beverages. I'd be up for that. E-mail me at jh447@cam.ac.uk or we'll just discuss it here. -- Xarak
Consider me in. Conversation here or on my homepage would be good. --Requiem
Dum de dum.  Well, basically you have to order 12 bottles to get decent shipping, last time I did this it came to 50 quid, now, I don't want to spend another 50quid on alcomohol because I am broke (very broke), but lots of their stuff is nice.  I suppose the best thing is to compile a list of wot we want and then when we have a long enough list we can order. - Naath
Fair enough. I'm a great fan of random liqueurs, especially nice ones like the cider liqueur (I seem to remember having a tiny amount at an Oblivion party). I'm also a great fan of mead, although I find UK wines a little... variable. I can probably afford to spend 50 on alcomohol; I've got money in reserve for buying luxuries and I reckon that this counts. --Requiem

What's it taste like? I'll go on a bottle if it's not really really dry ;) - MoonShadow
The liqueur is really quite sweet, some people thinks it's far too sweet... I have no such concept.  Cider comes in many many sorts. - Naath
Ah - hadn't realised there was lots of stuff, I'd just assumed it had to be 12 bottles of the same thing you wanted, like the MeadOrder. Is the list below OK? - MoonShadow

Here's what I want so far :
1 Monkhide Redcurrent Wine
1 Monkhide Golden Plum Liquor
1 Kingston Black Apple Aperetif
- Xarak

MoonShadow's order:
1 Monkhide Golden Plum Liquor
1 Lurgashall Elderflower Wine
2 Welsh Elderberry Port

Requiem would like:
1 Welsh Elderberry Port
1 Lurgashall Celtic Mead
1 Malmesbury Dry Mead
1 Kingston Black Apple Aperitif

Naath ordered:
1 Cider Liqueur

Wait - where's the MeadGenerator page?  I want to join in the fun :)  --Vitenka

Update : I've now placed the order for everything listed above. It is 100.37 in total. I am owed 9.95 by Naath, 34.34 by Requiem, 33.35 by MoonShadow and I am spending 22.73 of my own ill-gotten funds. Please feel free to check I havn't made a mistake with the cash if you want. In addition there is a 9 shipping charge, I'll cover this. If you bring cash with you when you pick up your order, that would be the easiest way to sort out the payment. I will notify people when the order arrives and we can sort out a time to pick it up. -- Xarak, 9/6/04

Naath, I tried to leave your bottle at Newnham but because I didn't know your full name the porter refused to accept it, so I had to take it home with me...uou'll have to give me your address so I can send it to you as a parcel. My e-mail is jh447 -- Xarak


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