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Mmmm.  An intro sequence that still sends a shiver down my spine.

Dead people might still, in some way, be alive - in the virtual world of the internet.
Lain is a young clueless girl, who pretty much stays clueless, despite being destined to gain massive power.
*raises eyebrow*  For a certain value of 'clueless' perhaps.
Well, in terms of any real application she acts clueless.  Powerful, able to rewrite reality - yes.  But with as much clue as a PlushyToaster.
What is the nature of reality?  Is the wired really a new world?  Does anyone actually care?

It's a pretty simple sci-fi story, somewhat let down by the appearence of a DemonGod? at the end, but it's done very very well.
Well said.  Although I lost SuspensionOfDisbelief almost exactly half way through.

The interconnected awareness of so many people is gaining a sentience of its own - but it may have been planned that way - and physical reality may just be a shadow of it.
Can Lain stop it?  Probably, but that's not what the series is about.  Can she understand what is happenning to her, and keep her friends?  Barely, with a couple of really big false starts - but that's not what it's about either.
Can Lain shrug her shoulders as the world around her freezes, and go back to screaming out of your TV?  Can the swirly graphis and the eerie electronic soundtrack set your hair on end?


(Nice touches:  To *Be* Continued.  It so looks like 'OS' should be in place of continued...)

See also the [fanfic].

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