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Would you like a piece of PlushyToast??

Ick.  *tries to pick fur off it... realises there is nothing left* Ewww...

What the hell is 'plushy'? Putting a 'y' on the end of something usually makes it an adjective... but 'plush' already is an adjective! So 'plushy' must be... an ad-adjective? What's going on?

In typical AbuseOfTheEnglishLanguage? fashion, "plushy" is generally used as a noun... o.O;;  See Google: plushies, for example...  --AlexChurchill
You just hurt my tiny little mind.  The first link was an AltSex? ... as was the fourth, the seventh... The internet is not a GoodPlace?.
Logically, and IMHO, 'Plushy' must be a word describing an adjective, similar to how an adverb describes the manner in which a verb is performed.  An ad-adjective would, though, probably only exist in advanced English language classes (like what I don't do anymore) and in cases such as the one in question, as a direct result of AbuseOfTheEnglishLanguage?.  --FR
The word for an ad-adjective is, believe it or not, just an adverb again. It is actually how they're used, though. "talk" = verb, "talk boringly" = verb adverb; "easy" = adjective; "boringly easy" = adverb adjective. HTH :) --AlexChurchill
Actually, I think it's just a diminutive.  It's not plush, it's just kinda plushy.  --Vitenka
You mean, less plush than something truly plush, but a little bit plush?  --FR
Yup.  --Vitenka (I suspect that Cute got mixed in, once a dimmi existed though)

Okay... the reverse of the usual where the adjective has a 'y' and the noun doesn't... but then... what the hell is a plushy toaster? A plush toaster I could understand but 'plushy toaster'? What does that noun-noun phrase mean?
Well, most noun-noun juxtapositions "X Y" in English are either "a Y associated with X" or "an X which is also a Y", in some sense.  (Church steeple, service engineer, pocket calculator etc are the former; fridge freezer is an example of the latter.)  Read "PlushyToaster" like "Model railway", "toy aeroplane", or "nurse doll".  You can see an example of a plushie at CuteThulhu.  --AlexChurchill
Surely it means "An object for toasting plushies"?
If only.  The noun-phrase could certainly be parsed that way, but I fear such a device would be far too useful to the world to ever be allowed to exist...  --AC

Heh.  Hadn't realised I could cause such chaos simply by attempting to come up with the most useless object possible.  Hmm.  I guess I meant a little of both.  A ToasterPlushie? that makes PlushieToast?.  For some reason, I envisage it as being a horrible shade of mauve and having rotating eyes.

For some reason this entire conversation is giving me childhood remniscences of a film called The Brave Little Toaster.  In which a brave little toaster sets out to... ok, ok, I can hear you all shouting "spoilers!" but someone else must surely remember this?

Unfortunately, yes...  Although I can't remember much beyond the title.  Didn't he (it?) have a tv series as well at one point? - Kazuhiko

Eep, I hope not, I seem to recall the film was bad enough... lots of chirpy songs, and even at the end when you think he's bravely killed himself (thus saving the world from having to endure his singing anymore) he manages to survive...

I remember the blanket "Blankie" being used as a tent, and the lamp tapping a rock with his plug before laying his head on it to sleep. Not much else, though. --qqzm

I remember being very scared by the end of that film when I was (much) younger.  And being faintly disturbed that mys sister seemed to know the script off by heart.  --FR

Many years ago, our house was burgled and they stole our entire video and cd collection apart from 3 items: Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, Lethal Weapon and The Brave Little Toaster. --qqzm

See also the [Biotech Teapot], [Atomic Clock Wristwatch]

When this page appears in RecentChanges right next to CategorySentientMachine, I get bad mental images --Edwin
As did I, and now it is a backlink to CategorySentientMachine, does this mean that the PlushyToaster has acheived sentience? I can feel it looking at me with those big doleful eyes, I also imagine it would purr --Indigo
And it bakes KittenBread?. --Vitenka

What about fuzz / fuzzy?  No-one complains about fuzzy as a word, do they?  --Vitenka


Now all you need to do is teach it to feel love, a la Professor Farnsworth in Futurama.

Linkage! ~> http://www.imsdb.com/transcripts/Futurama-Raging-Bender.html

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