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A recent post (the SiteOfTheMoment as of the WikiNow) got ElliottBelser to thinking...

We know a great deal about abnormal psychology, about diseases, about wounds.

Conversely, we know very little about good health and sanity.

Why is that?

Because not that many people are willing to spend huge amounts of money funding research into how to fix good health and sanity. --Admiral
Fair enough.  But to sink money into figuring out how to maintain it?  Doesn't quite have the glamour of curing cancer, but still important. --ElliottBelser
What happens when good health and sanity are not maintained? Disease and disorder. i.e. that which people are currently researching ;) - SunKitten
Yeah: there is a lot of research into preventative medicine.
It's notable that a large proportion of what we know about how the body and brain function comes from analysing what happens when things stop working. But that's far from the only way we know about it. A lot of psychology could be said to be studies of sanity. --AC
Null results are less interesting. Cataloguing all the ways that people are not ill doesn't end up with a cure for anything except the researcher's curiosity. --Requiem

(MS) Having said that, there are niche occupations that very nearly fit here. Dieticians / nutritionists, personal trainers...
...psychologists, sometimes massage therapists. --ElliottBelser


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