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I am currently a student at McMaster? University, where I am taking (mostly) CompSci.

I consider myself to be pretty much a nerd of all trades.  I'm a gamer, but not an outstanding one, an Otaku, but not a rabid one, and a techie, but not a competent one.

I read TerryPratchett voraciously.

I play OldGames.  A lot.

Welcome - sounds like you'll fit right in. Assuming your DNS is anything to go by, you're (I think) the first US person to join the Wiki that isn't known by an existing member. Point of fact, you might even be the first person worldwide! --CH

Actually, I'm Canadian.  That's like the same thing, but we're colder, have more colourful money, and use British spelling. --Ultros

D'oh! My bad - I only glanced at your DNS and assumed CA meant California. Which is quite plainly rubbish in net-land. --CH

Indeed, welcome, and I hope your time at the ToothyWiki brings you surreality and delight in equal measure :) --AlexChurchill


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