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Please disregarding the engrish, for best game playing shine!  --Vitenka

...  It's by the people who make Ys!  That explains why it's addictive despite being horribly clunky.  Wonder what the story is.  --Vitenka

Bleh. Needs Windows. Looks like I'll be playing it at lunchtimes, then.. - MoonShadow
Actually-like FinalFantasyTactics, it works quite well for that.  There's no mid-battle save, but individual battles only take about 15 minutes or so. 

About the only thing I would complain about (apart from the dodgy translation) is that there is almost no continuity between battles.  You earn new spells - but levelled up creatures from one battle drop back down to base level for the next.

For those who may wish to start playing this, three things will probably help you.  The element cycle is in the little bar window that defaults to the right - air beats earth beats water beats fire beats air.  This cycle pretty much doubles or zeroes your damage if you go against it.  Secondly, the glowing hexagons 'magic tiles' - they don't just give you defence and HP as the help says - they are also your mana regen.  Grab them and hold them.  Thirdly - don't get too close to the enemy - they have a tendancy to nip round the side of your creatures and kill you in one turn.  Though it may work differently if you generate a character that has a decent fighting score.  (The character generation is ultima style and works nicely, but somehow I always end up with a huge magic score and no defence.)  --Vitenka

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