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Turn Based Strategy.

Hard to think of any current examples of this, now.  Most really fall under EmpireBuilding? games (such as Civilization).

The excellent Shogun and its successor, Medieval:Total War both count. In each game, the strategic- (resource management; and a few strategic decisions) and operational- level (organization and deployment of armies) decisions are turn-based, while tactical battles are fought out in real time. -StuartFraser
Hmm, GAME have Shogun as part of their 3 for 20 deal... Might have a look if I can identify two further games I want, and come across a large amount of CopiousFreeTime. --CH

CatChess ;)

Battle Isle I and II aren't current, but are rather excellent. The sequels suffer from micromanagement problems :( Final Fantasy Tactics is a relatively recent PSX title, and is also excellent. There are a number of GBA titles (Advance Wars, Tactics Ogre) that I haven't really played.
AdvanceWars? is a killer app for GBA.  It's worth getting a GBA just for AdvanceWars?.  Oh yes.  Mjb67.

[Moonbase Commander] is current, has a multiplayer option and a very gentle learning curve, and is something I keep coming back to. There is a [demo] (large download!) - in which skirmishes are time-limited, but campaign mode is not (although you only get one campaign).
(Unfortunately, the [AI] is of the ArtificialUnintelligence? variety.  Might be fun against other people though - Kazuhiko)

Agreed (having just tried it) - the [AI] is remarkably dumb, and it very obviously sometimes decides to miss.  But it seems fun enough.  And will forever have a soft place in me as the first game I've played using my GraphicsTablet.  (Successfully, that is - never try to play HalfLife with a GraphicsTablet)

MoonShadow plays it in the office at lunchtimes sometimes - one of his coworkers bought the full version. It is rather excellent against other people, and the AI is actually not too bad on the higher levels that the full version lets you play against, although it still suffers from the "you deliberately missed that shot" syndrome.

Heroes Of Might And Magic (lots of versions) probably count.

[First Bull Run] is a product from PeterTaylor's company - client/server architecture with a subscription model. It allows you to replay the first battle of the AmericanCivilWar?. (I suppose one could argue that this is TBT - Turn Based Tactics).

StuartFraser, who loves the Battleground series, resolves to try this sometime when he isn't supposed to be doing physics.

TheOperationalArtofWar? series deserves a mention, for being the most involved, best researched, most competently designed and best AI'd wargame that StuartFraser knows of.

Combat Mission, currently available (see http://www.combatmission.com/), uses an innovative strategy of allowing each player to give their forces orders which they will attempt to follow over as many turns as it takes. Once orders are specified all forces (on both sides) act simultaneously.

Of course, Chaos, for the Spectrum, is a very good one of these...

Which prompts AlexChurchill to remember the excellent TBS games LordsOfChaos and LaserSquad?, which were for Amiga although probably also for 8-bits like the Spectrum or C64.  And then becoming more recent, if rather less fun as a pure TBS game, we have [UFOEnemyUnknown].  (And its first sequel, XComTerrorFromTheDeep, which was basically identical AFAIK.  The third in the series was RTS and by most accounts rather bad.)

Most accounts give review scores in the mid- or high- 90s for X-Com III:Apocalypse, which is both RTS and TBS. Don't know where your accounts are from. Personally, I've never played it, so don't know; the only X-Com game on my computer is Interceptor.
X-Com III was maybe not _quite_ as good as the other two, but for some reason it's my favourite.  The battle mode works in both real-time and "classic-mode" turn based.  In fact, it's definitely the best X-Com game.  I've got a CD of it somewhere if someone wants to try.--Mjb67

ChrisHowlett wonders how Civilization and all its sequels were missed out here. For a full list, see Civilization - although AlphaCentauri deserves special mention - it is, in CH's opinion, the pinnacle of the Civ series.
I personally wouldn't consider Civ a strategy game in the same sense.  I mean, obviously, by normal definition of the word, it is - but it isn't quite the same thing somehow.  Hmm.  But RISK for example would be.  Objection withdrawn, unless someone can explain what I'm trying to say.  (As I said at the top, I consider EmpireBuilding? games seperately, for some reason.)  --Vitenka

I just discovered VantageMaster.  It's a FinalFantasyTactics clone - plays quite nicely, though the cut scenes are in japanese.  Um, I'll link it when I refind it, till then it's vmonline.exe somewhere on vitenka.com ;)  --Vitenka

And let's back-link to BattleForWesnoth.  --Vitenka

CategoryAbbreviation. Usually CategoryComputerGames, often a source of JustOneMoreTurnSyndrome.

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