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Remind me to get my old documents online again sometime.  An action BoardGame, intended to pair BeatEmUp? with CoolCombo? scoring - in much the same way as ProjectGothamRacing? does for a DrivingGame?.

These are the core two:

Here's most of the rest:

Wow.  Nostalgia alert.  A huge load of old material from me there.

You've induced a standard techy dilemma in me, regarding CrystalSpace?. I have no use for it, I certainly don't have the required skills (such as artistic talent), and I don't really have any CopiousFreeTime; but, essentialy a C++ library that gives me OO control of OpenGL and DirectX?? That's so cool! --CH
Yeah, isn't it just :)  Same problem here, really.  It is a bit limited in that the more advanced features of both frameworks are unavailable - but who really uses them anyway?  --Vitenka

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