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The board is a semi-random grid of large hexes.  Large hexes are made of 7 small hexes.
Each has terrain (plains, forest, mountain, river/town).
There are also claims markers, bonus tiles, and buildings.

Each player starts with one town they own, and then move to control more territory and place buildings.



On your turn, take two claim markers from their supply and flip up the buildings, until 5 are visible.  (You should always have 5 to choose from at the start of your turn)
You may then spend them to:

Or you can save one (or both) for another turn.  Keep these set aside from your supply!


Game ends when either:
Play out that turn, then score.



I really wanted the trading game part; but meh, I messed it up.  So it's back to plain old points scoring.  There's three main tensions here - trying to grab good terrain versus trying to block your opponents in; trying to get your bonus/gold versus trying to get a lot of one terrain for the main score; buildings now, or buildings later (with opponents taking the ones you wanted).

Should be quite quick.  Has been tested with simple "Each hex has a value" and no buildings; and that was quite fun but a bit too simplistic+short.

Playtest Feedback

Pallando writes: Sorry to be a bit negative about the mechanic.  I had a think on the drive back.  What I came up with was:

I think the majority of problems actually fix more simply than this - by flipping the two decks.  So everyone knows "Stone" or "Wood" is worth competing for bonus; leaving people to choose which of the other two resources to fight on for their major.  That tension (and choosing when to jump to another resource type rather than fight it out) is intentional - I don'#t want to lose it completely.  But I do want to fix the "You will do this, so uh, yea, you're gonna win unless a player self-sabotages" element.

The buildings needing to be more visible I agree with (which is why I boosted it to 5 visible in the first place).  I think I'd like to try the simpler "Pick a building, any building" model first.  (Which may mean removing the gold buildings bonus, or maybe the penalty for building early vs expanding to claim territory makes that an interesting tension.  Try that latter first.)

These two changes appear to have worked.  Game now hits all of its targets (apart from being an auction game, ah well, next game).  Still major tuning issues: The bonus goals need to be handed out differently to advantage last-player more (suggestion was to draft them) and it was also suggested that the base tiles might usefully be more varied (perhaps 4/1/1 on three of them, instead of 2/2/2 on all).  Oh, and the bonus goals need a lot more balancing.  --Vitenka

To test next time:

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