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This my third [(tro) game-fu challenge game].

Inspired by "Max Headroom" and "SLA Industries".

This is... oh gods.  I can't run this again.
I have never laughed so hard at such wrongness.
And my players brought almost all of it, given a tiny hint of framework.
It ran 'Zap' style, so maybe the problem is me.  I think there's a chance of a dark version.
But this version had them flinging babies out of windows (because they needed something heavy to attach the crisp packets to) and... the worst moment was one player came up with something horrible (spraying acid in someone's face) got quite into the horrible 'and then..' description.  And threw in "And then I turn on the laugh track.  (Mimed pressing play on a big recorder) Aha-ha-ha."
It was deeply DEEPLY wrong, and I could only keep up for twenty minutes or so.

Aha! Several bad ideas I had have recombined to fuel something truly awe... well, it's either some or ful, let's find out
The short:
Take SLA industries / world of progress. Then add the internet. Crowdsourced killers, podcast assassinations. Trading reputation for bullets.
The theme being: "We've got a perfect utopia, but we're bored."
I'm thinking players run their own TV-killers gang, making videos to entertain the masses - sometimes shooting down rivals, sometimes filming kittens (a globally accepted currency)

Ok, the rules work - I decided to have the game embody "Wanting vs Having".  As usual for my games, the setting is hinted at.  But I think this is another candidate for "Polish then release".  The setting squicks me slightly, but only slightly - and given enoguh gonzo over-the-top silliness could work really well.


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