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Some of these are dupes from my other page.  C'est l'Avion.

Randomness (Ideas File) (Quotes File)

Random Disney Table (2d6)
2 Grand Parade
3 Mulan (table?)
4 Lion King (table?)
5 Chip and Dale
6 Donald Duck
7 Mickey Mouse
8 Pluto
9 Goofy
10 comical police men
11 Jimini Cricket
12 Security Guards

Funky funky funky funky kittens... till I lose control mon. Funky funky kittens and I lose control... --ThoseArentTheWords??

This selection came from 'Phagocyte' (Second run) ------------

Big hat?

Floaty boxy thingy

It's blatantly just a giant tamagotchi.

The elephant is dead, long live the elephant.

I've lost my wedginess.

Toomy Cooper: Just like that.  Without the cheese.

The elephant palpatates.

Dude, where's my cube?
... It's a borg cube.

Your cheese ladder has cooled sufficiently.

Do you want to stop for a giggle break?  (They did.)

We now have toold.
... of a rudimentary kind
... made of cheese.

Mattress plan 'A'

It uses sign language
with its fingers.

So, slithery snakey thingy, what are you wearing?

We could just say yes.
How?  My mouth is connected to my car.

End 'Phagocye' selection ------------

I blame Jesus.

Turning round, looking back, with a little cloth cap.  (Pronounced 'clorrrrth')

Doctor Doom leads us into his castle.  Ladies first!  (7th Sea game)

Genghis Khan blatantly came after WW1.
Yes.  It was a craze in the 80s.

On no!  Silence!  It must be a trap!
(and later)
Hang on a minute... There's no noise!  It must be dangerous!

Marmot Mayhem!

Trag Possen?

Great.  Doctor Doom is the CrazyFrog?.
Ow.  My brain is broken.

MRI Scanner filled with butterflies.

Chip and Pin machine that always reads "tampered".  People are suing it anyway, of course.

Kitchen Sphinx

I do know those people.  I just got their eye's mixed up.

Watch battery.  Watch battery run.  Run out, watch battery, run out.

Subscription service pizza.

Cysts grow teeth.  (They do!  Really!  Ewww...)

Rustling Apron.

Inflating toads go POP!

This is the local wedding forecast for the next five days...

The best days of your life can be murder.  (See "Insects of God" rpg)


Malakai:  "James" in pretentious speak.

Budget cruise.    A small tug, and a row of life-rings floating along like a mother duck and her ducklings.

Contest Title: Minion of Minions!

Evil genius high school.

Tai-Chi.  Spiritual combat.

Unicorns head in your bed - a warning from the fairy godfather.  (Rankin)

"Mensa for Dummies"

Don't look confused - there's four of you.

Why did the little old lady cross the road?
- so that we could create cyber-zombies.

Cyber-zombies.  Making survival-horror scary again.

A boy bombing it on a clowns motor-scooter.

Yes, but Rome didn't have AnnekaRice?.

Who do I have to kill to get some service around here?  (Beurocracy charm)

Take a joke, or I'll frickin Deck ya!

You aren't a zebra, are you?

Do you see that tree...?

The dragon forest

We tried using a lemur, but it didn't work.

Were-bourne manor.

A crowd of guilty bystanders.

That which does not kill us, makes us sexy.

Cruise ship with Bloomers hanging out of the windows.
"Laundry day"

A gang, identified by having their hands in their pockets as they walk past.
(Also, the safety band group)

Hospital - experimental procedures.  PCs are people in a live-in study.

Meet Jeeves.  He's my, ... , Magician's Magician, shall we say?

A brick fence.

He's an expert Sniper with British Gas.  (Misheard)

'Barbie' sniper rifle.  (With clothes and add-ons and a little house and stuff)

Dehydrated water.  Just add milk.

I hate cheese and onion taxi's.

I wanted to kick him in the ... shins.

I slapped him and he exploded.

There's this underpass.  People walking through it spontaneously break into song.  Not every-one, but someone - every time.
Locals say that the song has never ended.

What would Woody (woodpecker) want?

Blood boat.

A giant oak tree, complete with a tire swing.  And, oddly, two 2" pipes coming out of the ground, doing a 90 degree turn and sticking straight into the trunk.

What is a pollution control valve?  Why would you ever open it?

Maybe bread.

As if by magic - the Auditor appeared.

Tranquility Bay raid.

The Lord is pushing Leopard.

Shop the Geese!

UnknownArmies / AlAmarjah? cops.  Their only response to bad things happening is to turn up the rock music.

Photos of the bomb mechanism of Blackburn Shaw.

Ritual Scarification, dumbass - not a RichardScarry? fixation.

The Illegal Arms (bar)

Die cast Katana.  (Misheard from ShadowRun)

Minor superpower - people open doors for him just before he reaches for the handle.

Lift dogs!  (Yes, again.  One day I will find a niche for them.)
In that vein: Train monkeys.

A cardboard box blowing against the wind.  (As stolen from short-story)

A bike propped up against... nothing.

You've got a duck on your roof.

(wtf) 'Nothing people' - the PCs have a hard timew even seeing them.

A small child dressed as a 19th Century naval officer.

An alien animal: Herd-based prey animal, co-operative defence.  A sacrificial 'spotter' marks the predator with an indelible neon ink.

Water cooled offices.

Calculator.  With a 'mu' button.

Man on a train.  Asks to be excused.  Gets up, walks along the carriage.  Never seen again.

A denim jacket being worn over a leather coat.  Cool^2.

Crystal's Crystals.

The dock used to film the 'like this?' scene from MIB.
A broken container with spools of fening wire growing out.

Overexuberant youths stick-fighting in the park - they all stop to help.  Loudly misquoting Richard-III as they do so.

"Vote LibDem, or ChavScum? rule the country"  So I'm an elitist asshole.  SoSueMe.

A conversation that sounds like a drug deal.  Turns out to be about Cinema tickets.

What is attempted manslaughter?

CircleOfProtection? : Knives. 
CircleOfProtection? : Doom. 
CircleOfProtection? : Yoink.

A big red rune, marked "Do not chant"

Foxes eat taxes.

It's a kind of Wolfy menopause.

Nooo!  Not the leeches!

Carrying a large box marked "Danger" and "Plan 'B' enclosed"'

Beware the toast that has no ears

Isotonic Jellybeans

Scrumptiously audited.
(Seen in the local paper, the council was talking itself up.  Obviously, should have been scrupulously.)

Sign in window of local florist:  Now hiring.  Apply on (telephone number) in strictest confidence.
(Spy agency?)

"But Sensei.."
"No buts!  Butt is for kicking!"

"Fortune favours the kobold"

"Subtext: Noun.  A book about sandwiches."

"On a scale of one to bad..."

"The only thing better than setting things on fire, is setting ALL of the things on fire."

"Ia, Ia, Cthulhu Fthaghan;
Better t'would be for you to worship Dagon.
For I'll hunt you down, wherever you may be
When I rise up from the deep dark sea."  (Cthulhu of the dance...)

(Unpromtped, I swear).  "Mummy!  There's a fox tickling me in my bed!" / "I don't see anything" / "Silly!  It's a special kind of fox that you can't see!"

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