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Please feel free to steal, I don't seem to have time to ever RUN anything any more.
Pitch first, then description.

UnReality? TV.  Ninjas Attack!  (Working title)
Starship operators meets The man from UNCLE meets Big Brother.
Intro sequence:
{sfx: Closed fist.}  Poetic voice.  Reality is closed, hard like a fist.  Unreality is...
{sfx: Fist opens.  Run VT of previous episode highlights}
VO (50s commercial voice):  Welcome to Unreality Television.
{sfx: Logo over action}
{sfx: Logo fades out as the action pauses, greys out and CG ninjas attack}
{sfx: CG Ninjas are defeated in entirely cartoon fashion, different each episode}
... the show proper begins ...
The PCs are the contestants and/or the crew.  The contestants are... out of work B-list celebrities, mainly.  An ex stunt-man.  A viewer who won a contest in a magazine.
Their job?  To fight crime, terror, injustice, meglamonaical bond villains - and to get good ratings while doing it.
During a typical session they may have to carefully avoid showing that they are actually assaulting a facility in Kent rather than timbucktoo.  They may have to carefully use code-names for things (it's not 'british rail' it's Corporation-X!) and generally make things easier for post production.
But the badguys are real.  And they only get weapons and gadgets if they can convince the audience to give them to them.  The whole operation is an actual government cell, that gets its funding from the viewers.
Sometimes they get to have a break and a sit down off camera with the crew.  Sometimes they have to play idiotic mini-games to convince the audience to give them lifelines.
Sometimes they get shot.
And just at the end of every episode...
{sfx: Screen loses all colour.}
VO: Suddenly...
{sfx: CG ninjas drop from the ceiling}
VO: Ninjas attack!
{sfx: Roll credits}
VO: If you would like to be a contestant on 'ninjas attack' dial 0800 555 5555 or text 'NINJAS' to ...

My slightly over the top near future spy game kind of collapsed, but I couldn't let it go.  Part of the reason it collapsed was that I couldn't find reasonable ways to not give out the 'good stuff' early on.  Another part was a seeming lack of gimmick and motivation.
Well, it's turned comedy on me now.  I envisage this working quite well as a mini-campaign or an extended one-shot.  Play out a whole quick bond-saga. (Heck, steal one of the early bond plots vertabim) - first part would be an action packed escape, second part an infiltration, third part something social - then get captured (and yep, the camera crew BRIBES the supervillain to let them keep filming) and lastly the daring escape and victory (with the villain escaping, again, thanks to the camera crew)
It might work even better, thinking about it, if the players are the camera crew / production team instead of the contestants.
Imagine being makeup and wardrobe for James Bond.  "Shit!  He's lost his exploding cufflinks!  Gofer!  As soon as we switch to camera 2 dart in and hide them in Lenny's pocket, then act like you're any other flunky on scene.  Camera 3!  Get out of the way of the missile launchers!  Advert break in 5 - Cue the ninjas!"

So yes - you're on call trying to keep the show running, trying to keep competitors of youe cheif advertisers out - and trying not to have to resort to 'fixing it in post' too often.
It gives an excuse for cameramen to run around dressed as ninja and script writers a headache.
And since you'll be able to build up a  bit of shoot delay (trim a scene here, allows you to use more of that NICE combat footage a bit earlier) it would work really really well for dramatic editing type systems.
SeeAlso: DreamPark?

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