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Angel Moxie

Location: http://venisproductions.com/angelmoxie/
Updates: Finished
Rating: U
Recommended by: Vitenka, Admiral

Slightly oddly formatted (designed as four separate panels, each sized to be viewable on a pda).

The plot, such as it is, follows the 'make fun of Shoujo' paradigm as the ditzy one, the techie one and the tomboy get recruited by a cat from the ImmortalWaitingRoom? and kinda sorta kick butt.
The techie one is Riley. 'Tomboy' and 'ditzy' both describe Alex fairly well and neither describe Tristan very well at all. Clarification? :) - SunKitten
Eh?  Tristan is the violent one who solves things by punching them and is uncommunicative.  Slightly more manipulative than the tomboy stereotype perhaps, but definitely that one.  Especially since the main character is an utter utter ditz.  --Vitenka
Alex is a ditz, but Tristan is more of a depressive/goth type than a tomboy. And Alex is fairly tomboyish in her like of sports and stuff. But it's not really important anyway - SunKitten
I think I'm going to have to take issue with Alex's supposed ditziness (heh heh, I like that word).  She might be a little clueless, but when you consider this is a parody and compare her with a character like Serena, she seems pretty normal, and surprisingly pleasant.  And she has a grasp of sarcasm, which most ditzs don't: they're the object of it instead.  --FR
Yes, it's a mockery of ditzy characters.  It mocks them by being ditzy :)  --Vitenka

It's started making fun of itself. Witness ["I guess even the higher authority has crazed otaku"].

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