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PhoenixFeathers is the best. Obviously.  Except possibly for Artifaxis. Or AmbientRhythm.

Thanks. But, err, don't feel obligated to say that or anything.. ^^;; - SunKitten

For some reason, ToothyWikizens seem to have a strange affinity for WebComics.  The simplest explanation for that would, of course, be the simple fact that PhoenixFeathers was the initial reason that many people came to the site.  As the following pages show, however, it seems to go well beyond merely that...

From here you can read the...

The list below contains lines of the following form:
That's a bullet point, followed by a link to discussion page, a link to the latest strip labelled with the update frequency, the number of recommendations, and an optional descriptive adjective.

The discussion pages contain further information, such as age rating, reviews, who recommended this comic (so you can look for things recommended by people with similar tastes to you) and so on. Given the size of the list, we need to start linking only to comics we feel there is a pretty good chance of other ToothyWikizens enjoying.

If everyone could fill in the details for and/or comment on any comics they know, it would be appreciated :)
There's a /Template for new subpages.

The list

Kinda nice to have someone new adding entries here.  But all I get is "No data returned" for that page - maybe a clash with http proxy?  --Vitenka

Sorry about the netiquette. I don't [run GreenCheese], and it keeps needing a reboot. After it shows up, feel free to critique or delete the recommendation. I will now commit to reading all these other recommendations, to see if mine indeed fit. --PhlIp
Just checking - wasn't sure if it was a misunderstanding or if we were about to get three new wikizens at once. Feel free to add your own votes to the counts, and welcome! - MoonShadow

A quick note.  "CBZ" format is catching on in some places as a way to distribute archives.  Though this may seem to require an external player application, it's actually just a zip file with images inside it.  Use as such.  --Vitenka

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