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Demonology 101

Location: http://faith.rydia.net
Updates: Every other Sunday.
Rating: PG, occasional blood & guts but it's b&w so.
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Just read Demonology 101.  Seems to have been written by someone who doesn't know anything about Demonology.  E.g. an important theme is that demons have no free will - now I may be only a dabbler but that's wrong, isn't it?  -- Mjb67

Demons/Daemons appear in sufficiently many places that I imagine this is essentially a case of picking your mythology (or creating your own).  There hasn't been any obvious references that I have seen that these are the Demons of Christianity. - Kazuhiko
It's an oft used plothole by many fantasy authors that.  I think the reading is "Well, look - the bible specifically grants free will to men.  It doesn't seem to grant it to angels, so the ones that rebel must have been fated to do so, right?"  I have no idea whether or not a deeper reading of the canon would support that argument or not, nor do I much care.  The important thing is it makes for good stories ;)
Actually I've changed my mind after reading episode 4.  It's an ace comic -- Mjb67

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