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Location: http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/
Updates: MWF
Actually Updates: Starts April 18
Archives: Four big chunky volumes, in print.  Two comics (24 pages?) currently online.  One from the start of the series, one from the end - it's filling out from both points.
Sample Strip: [Your pitiful filing system is no match for...] [HorsePie!]

Bah and humbug.  Sorry.  Having just read the 'Advanced class' pages released so far I really really wish they were keeping this to comic releases.  For one thing, the image quality is abysmal, but hopefully they will learn to fix that in future pages.  Regardless, the level of detail is one of the things I love about this comic and it just doesn't work in the reduced space.  *sigh*  At least a MWF schedule should speed the release of the comic in printed form. --K
Of course, I then look at some of the '101' pages and have to eat my words.  Maybe they just really botched the encoding of the colour pages.  Still, it's not as good as the comics but a significant step up. --K
Colour is just harder to shrink without losing detail, sadly.  But I agree, it doesn't do the print comic justice.  But then again - they do still want us to buy the print comics ;)  --Vitenka
I don't think it was selling enough - the comics were gorgeous but expensive and slow :/ This way, they said they get to have much more exposure and they're still selling the books. At this rate, there'll be the equivalent of a comic every 2 months, roughly, which is a little more than what they first intended but a *lot* more than what they actually managed ^^;; - SunKitten (who really liked the monocolour inking in issues 1-3)
I didn't even know it was available.  I must say, I ws initially worried that their web presence might dampen book sales.  With that compression, though, it looks safe.  You get a teaser, nothing more.  --Vitenka

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