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Schedule: Twice Weekly (Tue + Fri)


Fantasy tropes meet SciFi tropes in a battle to the death!  Or, well, something like it.
A slow-ship crashes on an unexplored planet.  The few survivors (mostly high-paying cruise passengers) discover that they have, somehow, acquired literally godlike powers.

The major character is 'Ronson', who is a depressed guy (and now a god) who just wants to get drunk and forget a lot of bad things.  (These things are explored, as is his reluctance to take up god-hood)
Meanwhile, the various other survivors are applying themselves to their new powers in various different ways.

Very much in the style of old superhero comics, though with a plot more in line with the new AngstRidden? ones, Gods of Arr Kelan applies itself toungue firmly in cheek to the question "What does it mean to be a god"

The periodic 'cover images' are also superb - mostly playing around with the specific plot-point which has been most-recently borrowed.  The "Isn't gaining powers by landing on a planet a bit similar to superman?" one being particularly funny.

The comments threads are a bit too SelfCongratulatory?, but they do help explain nicely what is going on, for when you miss it.

MaintainMe: Should be /GodsOfArrKelaan
MaintainMe: Ronson should have a less confusing name for his planet.

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