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Location: http://2kinds.com/
Updates: 3/week
Actually Updates: 3/week
Rating: U
Recommended by: Admiral
Example Strip: [Pure Evil]

Fluff about an all powerful 'Templer' (who looks like a kid and has lost all his memories) and an anthropomorphic tiger.  Pure fluff.  Looks like it's trying to be waffy but I'm not sure yet how well it will succeed yet. --K
There's a bit of death and destruction, but yes - it's mainly a 'forbidden love' story.  Well drawn, hints at having a plot but doesn't seem to, really.  --Vitenka

Having read a little further, it is trying for Waffy but gets mixed up with disjointed attempts at dark and serious plot.  Unfortunately, the plot isn't really working too well due to plot holes and indistinguishable characters (I still have no idea what or who the bad guy is supposed to be).  I'll keep reading but this certainly isn't one of the best on the list. --K
It's a lot better than some others on the list. I'm getting quite engrossed. There is the problem that the characters are hard to distinguish, but there have been a few other similar difficulties that have been resolved with flashbacks, so I imagine this may happen some more in the future. I do not think there is just one bad guy, and that has been a little confusing. --Admiral

The art gets a lot better later, and it helps that the bad guys have, periodically, red glowing eyes :)  Plot is still a mess though; too much going on.  --Vitenka

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